Your Salem Nominating Committee is starting the process of identifying potential Council and Foundation candidates to present to the congregation for vote at the January 2021 annual meeting. Please prayerfully consider finding persons who will invest their time and effort in caring for our church. Tell us if you and/or a Salem member would like us to consider placing their name on the ballot. Please call, email or submit the names in writing to the church office by November 15th. If you have any questions, contact any Committee member: Lanette Wise, Pauline Bratt,  Deb Carlson, Emily Fischer or Lisa Miller

Church Council

Council Members:

Kathy St Martin. President

Steve Behrebrinker Treasurer

Stefan Freeman  Vice President

Mert Thompson Secretary

Janet Tilstra

David Leitzman

Pauline Bratt

Micah Stoeckel

Dayton Herbranson

April Leeb

Tim Backes

Emily Fischer


Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes