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Caring for God's Creation

Salem's Green Team is dedicated to sharing ideas and resources for caring for God's Creation. 

How can I help?

Did you know there are Daily things we can do to help the planet and be a good neighbor?  

Here's one... eat less meat! 

Creation Caring Resolution:

You can boost your health and reduce your carbon footprint by eating more plant-based dishes, and less meat.  Going meatless just 1 day a week can have a positive effect on your health and on the planet.


Fun Fact:  it takes about 1,700 gallons of water to produce a single pound of beef--but just 39 gallons to produce a pound of vegetables.  By skipping meat one day a week, Americans could save an estimated 100 billion gallons of water each year, 70 million gallons of gas, and 3 million acres of land. It also lowers greenhouse gas emissions by the number of animals not raised and slaughtered.

[This information from online Reader's Digest article May 11, 2020.]


Going meatless one day a week, and increasing consumption of fruits, veggies, beans and nuts increases the overall nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals in the diet. You'll be healthier.


How long it takes for common items to decompose:

Disposable Diapers                   500 years

Paper Towels                              2-4 weeks

Cardboard                                    2 months

Shoes                                            25-40 years

Paper Waste                                 2-6 weeks

Latex Gloves                                 several months to years

Hairspray Bottles                         200-500 years

Aluminum Cans                           80-100 years

Plastic Bottles                              450 years

Wet Wipes                                     100 years

Foam Plastic Cups                       50 years

From, September 14, 2020, Written by Andrew Lisa

Salem’s Green Team organized itself April 28, 2019 in an Adult Forum. It is an active adjunct to the ELCA Lutherans Restoring Creation grassroots movement promoting Care for Creation.