Lutheran World Relief

School Supply Drive

Mid-summer is the bittersweet time we start to think about Back-to-School! As sales on supplies begin, we hope you will think about Salem’s Annual Lutheran World Relief School Supply Drive.  Education is one of the strongest tools a community has for breaking the cycle of poverty.  Lutheran World Relief School Kits contain essential supplies to help children — and in some cases, adults — continue learning in the face of serious obstacles. That learning leads to a better life for them, their families and their communities. 

lwr school kits

Ways to Help

Collections have already begun! You can check progress on the chart in the office window to see what is most in need.

These are the ways you can help:

  • Bring supplies you buy to the church office!
  • Notify us when you find a great deal on supplies!
  • Contribute $$ to the LWR School Supply Budget so we can buy in bulk when we find deals!
  • Join us in preparing supplies on God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday on September 10th!
  • Help us pack supplies later this fall!
  • Become part of the committee!
  • Keep this important mission in your prayers!

Salem has reached its goal of 500 kits for the last several years. Please help us do it again in 2023.  For more information contact Jackie Lutterman or Pam Lundholm.


Quilt Assembly

During the 2023 Lenten Season, members of Salem began to assemble quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  90 quilts were made altogether. 18 quilts were purchased by members, with the funds going towards next year's materials and shipping costs.  The remaining 72 quilts were bundled and transported to the LWR warehouse in St. Paul.  Way to Go, Salem!!! 

Please contact Joan West at 320-253-9620 if you would like to participate in this worthy cause in the future.

Take my hands and let them move at the impulse of thy love.

Lyrics by:  Francis Havergal