Lutheran World Relief

School Kits

Education is one of the strongest tools a community has for breaking the cycle of poverty.  Lutheran World Relief School Kits contain essential supplies to help children — and in some cases, adults — continue learning in the face of serious obstacles. That learning leads to a better life for them, their families and their communities.  

If you wish to shop, check the graph in the window of the church workroom for needed items. If you would prefer not to shop and would like the amount you donated put into purchasing bulk items at the lowest prices we can find, please feel free to donate to this project by clearly marking the donation for “LWR School Kits.”   Thanks so much for contributing to this fun and meaningful project! 

-- LWR School Kit Committee

LWR Quilts

Lutheran World Relief quilts are being tied this fall. Contact the office to get involved.  Please continue to make 60"x80" tops to be used in the assembly of the quilts. 

Often, when natural disasters strike or war drives families from their homes, our hearts ache with compassion but we don’t know how to help. If you’ve wondered how to volunteer to quilt for charity, look no further. Making Lutheran World Relief Mission Quilts is a tangible way to express love to our neighbors in need. Quilts can be used as warm bedding, simple tents or floor coverings. Each one reflects God's loving presence in a world rife with suffering.



Our neighbors in Ukraine are suffering and they need your love now. 

Families are leaving behind everything they own and fleeing for their safety. They need immediate aid including food, water, shelter, clothing and medical care.  

Your emergency gift will deliver urgent support and care, like critically needed items for families who fled their homes, and medicine and supplies for clinics.